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Scotch Broom Eradication Demonstration

The City has worked with the 10,000 Years Institute since 2019 for scotch broom eradication efforts. Past efforts included community education to property owners and demonstration on treatment of the scotch broom.

This year, due to the dense presence of the invasive species at the marina, the City connected the 10,000 Years Institute to the Quinault Indian Nation Enterprise Board. QNEB and the 10,000 Years Institute entered into a contract for eradication efforts. The City agreed to provide support where it could, namely, a safe place to burn the brush and fire tenders for safety precautions.

The kilns originally proposed to produce biochar were not utilized, to which Jill Silver went into further depth in her presentation at the City Council meeting. These were not used in our past eradication efforts, although it seemed to be an innovative use of byproduct of the scotch broom.

The benefit of conducting a trial run/demonstration is to work through any barriers identified during this process before implementation of the actual project. Many entities are interested in this project, including the attendance of WA Fish and Wildlife, the Daily World, Rakeforce, the 10,000 Years Institute and Wilson Biochar.

The City will continue to move forward with eradication efforts, community education and engagement to address the growing concern of scotch broom.

To learn more about this process and to view the presentation provided follow the link below.