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Building and Permitting

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The Building and Permitting Department is proud to provide our new Online Portal.   Brought to you by Citizen Serve.

Services available:

  • Planning permits
  • Franchise Right of Way permits
  • Building permits
  • Water Meters
  • Right of Way (driveway) permits
  • Sewer Fees
  • Fire Permits (Fire sprinklers and Fire alarms only)


All electrical permits and inspections are obtained by contacting Labor and Industries at 360-902-5800 or use the following link:


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Document submittal assistance is available by appointment only. Please contact the Building and Permitting office at 360.289.2754 or email at

The City of Ocean Shores has adopted the 2021 building code IBC,IRC,WSEC,IEBC,UPC,IMC,IFC IFGC codes. 



A building permit gives legal permission to start a building, improvement, alteration or repair project in accordance with the building codes.

Our codes were developed over a long period of time by vigorously investigating past mistakes. The City has adopted the 2021 International Code Council codes as listed above. The permitting process allows us to review your plans and make a determination as to whether or not you risk repeating mistakes made by others in the past.

Building Requirements

  • All property corners must be located with a surveyed hub.( The city does not locate property corners).
  • Post the site address.
  • Provide and ANCHOR a bathroom facility onsite before any work begins.
  • You must keep your site organized and clean through the entire building process or you will not be able to move forward on your project.
  • As of March 15, 2024,  all lateral and gravity loading elements must have structural engineering except single story decks.

Design Criteria

    • Wind Speed V ult 135 MPH Exposure C
    • Seismic Zone D-2
    • Snow Load 25#'s
    • Frost Line 12"

What is the prescriptive deck plan calculator ? Click here 

What  needs to be done prior to a final inspection? Click here

What rules need to be followed for residential ramps? Click here

Permitting Lobby Office Hours
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Contact information can be found in the City’s staff directory and below.

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801 Minard Ave NW, Building B
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Tel: 360.289.2754

City Clerk, Sara Logan
Park Reservations & Special Event Permits
Special Event Application

Permit Technician I, Danha Watanabe

Building Official, Roy Simmons