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Building Permit Fees

 Building Permits And Fees (OSMC 15.08.040 )
A. The fee schedule for building permit fees shall follow the form set forth as Table 1-A of the 1997 Edition of the Uniform Building Code, hereafter referred to as Table 1-A, based on the Building Valuation Data provided by the International Code Council.
B. The fee schedule for commercial and multifamily building permits shall follow the fees set forth in Table 1-A, and shall be imposed in full as of the effective date of the adoption of the current edition of the International Building Code, and shall be amended to reflect the annual updates in the Building Safety Journal provided by the International Code Council.
(Ord. 803 § 2 (part), 2006)

Ocean Shores Municipal Codes:
OSMC Title 15 Building and Construction 
OSMC Title 17 Zoning
City Clerk, Sara Logan
Park Reservations & Special Event Permits
Special Event Application

Permit Office Manager,  Nettie Wagner
Building Official, Roy Simmons