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Pet Licenses are available at the police department. Please bring with you proof of their last rabies shot.
No barnyard animals or exotic pets
No more than 3 pets per household
Please see City Ordinance 6.04 pertaining to Animals at:!/OceanShores06/OceanShores0604.html#6.04

North Beach Paws
North Beach PAWS No Kill Animal Shelter located just outside Ocean Shores Washington.

You can call the Non-Emergency number any time at 360-533-8765 and request to speak with Animal Control. You can also call the Police Department at 360-289-3331 Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm and request Animal Control's voicemail.
You can call the Non-Emergency number any time at 360-533-8765 and request to speak with Animal Control. You can also call the Police Department at 360-289-3331 Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm and request Animal Control's voicemail.


The Grays Harbor Art Community provides a list of organizations. Click here for contact list.

Boards, Committees and Commissions

If an available position is available on one of the City's boards, committees or commissions please fill out the application and submit it to the City Clerks office.

Business Information

You will need to fill out online form, click here for form
Quarterly you will need to file B&O Tax, click here for form
Visit  "Doing Business in the City of Ocean Shores" . This is a page of the city's website that will provide you with helpful links to starting your small business and how to apply for a business license.

Community Club

The Community Club is a private entity within the City of Ocean Shores. To pay dues assessed on the property please contact the Community Club directly at:

Address:1016 Catala Avenue SE
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Phone: 360.289.2433

Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 6 AM – 8 PM
Saturday: 8 AM – 8 PM
Sunday: 8 AM – 5 PM


Convention Center

Click here to contact the Convention Center Manager


You must file your personal finance information through the Public Disclosure Commission. Click here to learn more.
Election information can be found on the Grays Harbor Auditor's Office web site. Learn more

Fish and Wildlife

Contact Fish and Wildlife 
1000 Airport Way
Hoquiam, WA 98550
Phone: 360.532.6237
Click here to visit Grays Harbor Audubon
Visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website.  Click here to learn more.

Hazardous Waste

LeMay's Central Transfer Station
29 Gavett Lane North
Montesano, WA 98563

Local Improvement District (LID) Payments

Click here to pay LID online

License and Fees

Building Permits, Residential.  Ocean Shores has adopted the International Building Code. Charges for building permits are based on Building Valuation Data as published by the International Code Council OSMC 15.08.040.  A 2,000 square foot home valued at $250,000 would aggregate an estimated $3,500 building permit fee. This is in addition to the water and sewer fees discussed above.  The Building Department has a General Informational handout for persons interested in new construction or remodeling their homes. Call or come by the Permit Office.

Burn Permit.  $30 per calendar year.  Keep a copy of your burn permit on the premises when you are burning. Pick up a burn permit application at the Fire Station.

Business Licenses and B&O Taxes.   For persons interested in opening a business in Ocean Shores, including home occupations, a business license is required. The annual fee for all business licenses is $50.  An additional $50 is required for any necessary Fire Department inspection. Any business grossing $5,000 or more in a quarterly period is required to pay a .0020% B&O tax on gross receipts.  Further information on Business Licenses and B&O taxes is available at the City Finance Office at 800 Anchor Ave.

Camping, Recreational Vehicles and Tents.  No fee. The Municipal Code regulates the use and storage of recreational vehicles (RV’s) and the use of tents on vacant lots in Ocean Shores.  A Camping Permit issued by the Police Department is required to park an RV or erect a tent on a vacant lot, and must be posted at the street line next to the driveway.  Tent camping is permitted only in conjunction with a self-contained RV or an RV attached to an approved sanitary system.  An RV/tent may only be used as living quarters for a maximum of 90 days in any calendar year, regardless of the number of lots owned, and may not be stored on a vacant lot.  There are also limitations on the number of RV’s/tents per lot, setback requirements, sanitation requirements, etc.  These regulations are available at the Police Department, City Hall, Permit Center and online here in the Ocean Shores Municipal Code. A self-service registration box is also available at the Police Department.

Cat & Dog Licensing. See fees below. Dog and cat  licenses are required for residents. No livestock, poultry, or exotic animals may be raised or kept within the City.  A maximum number of three animals (pets) per household are permitted. All cats and dogs shall be licensed and registered annually, within thirty (30) days of acquisition by the owner, or within thirty days of being moved into the City.  Animals will be subject to a licensing fee and licenses will be issued through Ocean Shores Police Department. Dangerous dogs require special licensing. For more information call 360-289-3331.

From the City Code:
 (See City Ordinance 6.04)
The following dogs and cats are excluded from the licensing requirement:

    1.    Those owned by nonresidents who are temporarily within the city;
    2.    Dogs and cats brought into the city for the express purpose of participating in a show;
    3.    Owners or users of seeing eye, guide, or service dogs;
    4.    Licensed pet stores harboring dogs and cats for the purpose of sale.
License Tags Issued—Fees. Upon payment of the appropriate license fee and proof of vaccination as set forth herein, the animal control authority shall record the license tag number. The owner shall be responsible for insuring the license tag is worn by the animal. Tags are not transferable from one animal to another. At the time of application, the owner must present a licensed veterinarian’s certificate confirming that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies for that period. The following fees shall be paid for licenses required by this chapter purchased directly from the city. An additional handling fee may be charged by city designees authorized to issue such licenses.
    1.    Neutered (altered) male and spayed (altered) female dogs: ten dollars for an annual license or twenty-five dollars for a three-year license;
    2.    Unaltered male or female dogs: forty dollars for an annual license or one hundred dollars for a three-year license;
    3.    Altered male or female cats: five dollars for an annual license or twelve dollars and fifty cents for a three-year license;
    4.    Unaltered male or female cats: twenty-five dollars for an annual license or sixty-two dollars and fifty cents for a three-year license;
Community Club Membership.  Membership runs with the property owned.  Call 260-289.2433 for further information.  The Community Club is not affiliated with the City in any manner
Concealed Weapons Permits. Permits for concealed-carry guns are issued by the Ocean Shores Police Department, For more information call 360-289-3331.
Electric Rates, Residential.  Electric service is provided by Grays Harbor Public Utility District (PUD) No. 1, located in Aberdeen.  Information on rates and charges may be obtained by calling the PUD at 360-532-4220.
Garbage Bags. $4 each or 3 for $10. Campers may purchase large Ocean Shores logo bags at the Police Department, Permit Office and Utility Billing Office on weekdays or the Visitor Information Center at the Ocean Shores Convention Center at 120 W Chance a La Mer NW, on weekends. Logo Garbage Bags allow for disposal of trash in the dumpster next to the Skate Park.
Garbage Collection, Residential . The City of Ocean Shores has mandatory garbage collection for all residents and businesses.  The fee includes recycling for a voluntary one tote curbside collection for all recyclables except glass.  There is a glass receptacle located next to the animal control facility in Ocean Shores.  Further information can be obtained from LeMay - Harbor Disposal - in Aberdeen.
Hotel/Motel (Overnight) Tax.  A 5.0% sales tax on transient rentals [rentals for less than thirty (30) consecutive days] is to be collected by operators of all types of “overnight rental” establishments, including private residences in commercial zones.  This tax is sent to the State Department of Revenue which passes it through to the City as Lodging Tax for use in funding Convention Center operations, promoting tourism, and related activities.
Internet Connections. Available from various local and other providers. Free WiFi and computers available at the City Library.
LID and PUD Assessment, Unpaid .  Many properties in Ocean Shores carry unpaid LID and/or PUD assessments.  Prospective buyers are encouraged to check the existence and status of such assessments with Public Finance, Inc. (LID’s) and Grays Harbor Public Utility District (PUD assessments).  You will need the Division, Block and Lot numbers of the property to check this information.
Natural Gas.  Natural gas is not available in Ocean Shores.  Propane is available from suppliers in the Aberdeen and Hoquiam area.
Overnight Rentals. Allowed only in commercial zones.See hotel/motel tax above.
Pets in Ocean Shores.  See cats and dogs licensing above.
Propane. Available from suppliers in the Aberdeen and Hoquiam area.
Real Estate Excise Tax.  A real estate excise tax of 1.53% is imposed on the selling price of real property in Ocean Shores.  Of this amount a small portion is credited to the City’s Capital Improvement Fund.  Further information on the real estate excise tax is available from your Realtor.
Residential Telephone.  Available through various local providers.
Sales Tax.  The sales tax rate in Ocean Shores is 9.1% (6.5% State and 2.6% City/County). The State portion of the taxes collected is paid to the Washington State Department of Revenue either monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the type and volume of business."
Shed-type structure or fence, listed in OSMC 17.50.115 as "Non-accessory Structures." Application requires a $75 fee. Includes any structure independent of the principal structure or on undeveloped real property. Standards and application procedures are available at the Permit Office.
Shoreline Substantial Development. Includes any construction over a fair market value of $6,416 as defined in the Shoreline Management Act and requires a permit.  Includes, docks, bulkheads, etc.  Costs vary according to the work being proposed. See 18.06.050 Permit fees. Call the Planning Department at 360-940-7489 for further information.
Signs. Standards and application procedures are available at the Permit Office.
Special Events. No fee. Permits are required for parades, races, marine events, tournaments and exhibitions.
Storm Drainage Rates for Residential and Vacant Lot. All Lots  .000325/sq.ft./month. The charge applies to all such lots, regardless of water usage or whether an existing water meter is turned on or off. There are no connection or installation charges for storm drainage.  This storm drainage charge helps maintain the city’s storm drainage facilities and the quality of its fresh waterways. Storm drain rates are reviewed by the City Council as part of the budget development process for adequacy and providing revenue to operate and maintain the storm drainage facilities.  Further information on storm drainage rates is available from the Utility Billing Office.
Television Services. Cable and satellite television are available from various local providers.
Wetlands.  The Ocean Shores peninsula has a high water table which may classify some areas in the City as wetlands.  Property owners should be aware that city, state and federal agencies maintain jurisdiction and require special permits prior to obtaining building permits for clearing and construction projects on or near wetlands.

Low Income Assistance

You may qualify for City of Ocean Shores low income utility program, if you are a senior citizen, disabled, or meet the income requirements. For more information download the attached document:

Low income resident's assistance for property taxes, LID payments and City utility billings from Grays Harbor County and the City of Ocean Shores.

Low income, senior, and disabled citizens may qualify for reductions or deferrals of property taxes and LID assessments. See Grays Harbor County below:
Grays Harbor Assessor's Office - 
Senior / Disabled Property Tax Exemption

Grays Harbor Assessor's Office - 
Senior / Disabled Property Tax Deferrals


The Daily World

Street Address: 315 So. Michigan
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 269
Aberdeen, Wa. 98520
(360) 532-4000
Newsroom Fax (360) 533-6039
Business Fax (360) 533-1328

The Vidette
Street Address: 109 W. Marcy, Montesano. 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 671, Montesano, WA 98563. 
Phone (360) 249-3311
Fax (360) 249-5636

North Coast News
P.O. Box 272 Ocean Shores, Wa. 98569

Quinault Indian Nation
1214 Aalis Drive
P.O. Box 189
Taholah, Wa. 98587
Phone: 360-276-8215
Toll free: 1-888-616-8211
Fax: 360-276-4191 

The Ocean Observer
Published monthly and mailed to all Ocean Shores Community Club members. To contact the office of the Ocean Observer, please call 360-289-4576 or e-mail

Property Information

Click here to visit Grays Harbor County parcel search

The Community Club should be contacted to see what their policy is.  If the properties are combined through the County Courtesy Combination process they can still be separated, and the Community Club may not allow removal of one yearly dues.

The City does not allow a garage on a vacant lot.  If you are planning to build across the line you may still be required to combine the property through the City Boundary Line Revision process.  Check with the Building Department for this requirement.

Documentation of ownership, provided by a Title Company, must be submitted with the application forms showing any encumbrances, proof of ownership and possible beneficiaries.  If there is a bank that you owe money to on one or all the properties, the bank and/or beneficiary will be required to provide consent to revise the boundary before we can approve the application. 
The application forms that will be recorded through the County Auditor are in duplicate, except that one is titled “Applicants Copy” and the other is tilted “Conformed Copy”.  After the application has been approved, the documents will need to be recorded through the County Auditor.  Once they are recorded, the “Conformed Copy” must be returned to the City to complete our review.  The forms are titled at the bottom of the page.
All taxes, current or delinquent, on all properties involved must be paid to Grays Harbor County Assessor’s Office prior to recording the approved documents (RCW 84.56.345).  The County Assessor’s Office will double check this when the documents are taken to the County for recording.  There is no need to provide this documentation to the City for review.
Wetlands may affect the buildability of a property.  When there are mapped wetlands on any property there is a process that must be followed.  First, a Wetland Specialist must determine if there is a wetland based on the maps and a site visit to determine if there are wetland indicators.  If there are wetland indicators, the specialist will determine what type of wetland it is (Category 1 through 4) and how much buffer is required to protect the wetland.  If the proposed use of the property will impact the wetland or its associated buffer there are steps you can take to offset the impacts.

Mitigation to provide protection of a wetland in another location, creation of a wetland to replace the impacted area, or purchase of a mitigation bank credit are some of the options to consider.  We can assist the property owner in determining if it is necessary to consult with a specialist for a proposed development.

Regulations for Critical Areas (wetlands or shorelines) can be found on the City webpage under Planning Department.  The Ocean Shores Municipal Code Title 19.02 and the Shoreline Master Plan are both very helpful.

If there are no mapped wetlands and no wetland indicators found on site during a site investigation then you can apply for permits for driveway, clearing and other development.

No, there will be no reduction to the LID Assessments by combining two or more properties.
Yes, a map showing the dimensions of the property before combining and what they will be after combining is required.  Also, show where any structures and driveway access are located on the maps.  Maps need to follow the requirements of the county for recording purposes.  If a map is submitted that does not comply with the county requirements, it may be altered to meet the requirements.  A 2 inch margin around the map is required and it should be no larger than 8.5 inches by 11 inches.  
Yes, there is an address assigned to each lot.  If you prefer one over the other, please indicate your preference so we can include that in our review.  
If there is more than one connection to water or sewer you will be required to remove one or more to combine the properties.  If you do not want to remove a connection, you will need to coordinate with Utility Billing to determine if that is allowed.  Keeping more than one connection may require that the properties remain separate for billing purposes.
Yes, on the 6 page application form you will need to have a Notary.  On the other 2 signature pages it is not required.

Yes. Ocean Shores Municipal Code requires that a lot must be no less than 7,200 square feet.

No.  A survey is only required if you are moving a line that will be adding to or removing from the area of the lot.  A lot cannot be subdivided if it does not meet the minimum lot size of 7,200 square feet.
Only if you go through the process again to separate the lots back to the original plat.  They will be considered one large lot after going through the Boundary Line Revision combining the property and they will be assigned one address.
You will need to contact Grays Harbor County Treasures Office.

Public Records

To submit a public records request to the City of Ocean Shores you will need to complete the Public Records Request Form

Register to vote

Register to Vote

What are the requirements to register as a Washington State voter?
  • be a citizen of the United States
  • be a legal resident of Washington State, your county and your precinct for 30 days immediately preceding the election in which you want to vote
  • be at least 18 years old by election day (16- and 17-year-olds can sign up as Future Voters and be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18)
  • not be disqualified from voting due to a court order
  • not be under Department of Corrections supervision for a Washington felony conviction
Voter Registration form pickup in Ocean Shores.

Available at the Ocean Shores Library located at 573 Point Brown Ave. NW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569 during the hours of Noon to 3: 00 P.M. (hours and services may change, please contact the Library at 360-289-3919)

Report Hazards


Items up for bid can be found here Email for questions.

Special Event Permits

Please Contact:
Permits, Parks Reservations & Special Event Permits
801 Minard Ave NW
Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Tel:  360-289-2754
Fax: 360-289-2022

Wastewater Collection

Yes. Notes are made following an inspection and placed in the Property File for each property that connects to the Cities Wastewater Collection System. If you modify the pipework without a permit and there is a failure as a result. The Cities insurance coverage will not pay for any losses. The permit to modify your side sewer is $10.00 and includes an inspection prior to backfill. This will extend certain loss coverage depending on the nature of the cause. If you dump non permitted materials down your drain (GREASE), and the result is a blockage, there is no extension of coverage from the City’s insurance. Your homeowners insurance may cover this type of failure and you should verify this with them.
  1. Check all fixtures in the house starting with the lowest to the floor. Typically this is the shower or a floor drain. If only one or two are effected then a plumber or the owner is responsible for unplugging or repair.
  2. Check the candy cane or 4" vent located between the house and the property corner. If the vent is clear, no signs of sewage overflowing, and if you can see the trunk line by looking down the vent, and it is clear. Call a plumber or the owner may perform the work.
  3. If the vent pipe is overflowing then there may be a problem with the equipment that the City Staff is responsible for. The City will be happy to respond and check to see if the Pit is functioning properly, and assess whether the blockage is in the pit or in side sewer. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the side sewer. If it is a property side blockage as determined by City staff, then a contractor or the owner is responsible for unplugging or repairing the line. A general contractor bonded to work in the right of way or a plumber may make these repairs. A licensed plumber or the owner must perform the work that is subject to a plumbing inspection (Anything under the house).
Note: If the side sewer is cut in any way a $10.00 permit is required and an inspection prior to backfill must be performed.
The Utility has a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that includes brushing out around the pit. This provides safe access to the pit 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In addition, the working components of the pit are inspected and tested annually. If there is a failure between the times of brush out and inspection, staff may be performing troubleshooting of the sewer system in your area. This troubleshooting may take place at any time, night or day. Maintenance of the pit serving your property ensures reliable operation of all sewer pits connected to the same station. If your pit fails open, all the other pits connected to that station are effected as a result. This infrastructure is located on City property and must be kept clear. Please do not plant trees or other vegetation near the pit where an operators may have to kneel or lay. Tree branches, Pampas grass, Yucca plants all present an eye hazard, especially at night. These will be removed during the annual maintenance brush out.
The sewer system requires that it be accessible 24/7. Do not park in such a way that staff cannot safely remove the manhole covers. Removing the cover requires tools that could damage a vehicle if bumped. The manhole covers are designed to carry the load of traffic so it is permissible to drive over the pit or manhole cover.
The City is happy to provide some guidance on side sewer installation, modification, or repairs. However it is the owner’s responsibility ultimately, for the final design or repair. The Ocean Shores Municipal Code 13.28 describe the requirements for proper design methods, including what types of materials and construction methods are allowed. If you do not have the skill or knowledge to perform this work, then a licensed bonded contractor should be used.

Read OSMC 13.28 Side Sewer Connections

In order to safely successfully install or repair a side sewer that is down in the water table, you must first dewater the sand to a point that is below the pipe to be accessed. Ocean Shores has a fairly high groundwater table most times of the year. The groundwater is typically at its lowest point in late summer into fall prior to the first big rain event. Dewatering points must be used to pump the water out of the sand and stabilize the trench. This will protect the utility from sand and water oozing in. Information regarding this process is available at the Permit Center. Staff will be happy to provide direction on what is required, or provide the names of contractors who can successfully perform this type of work. A bucket with holes in it and a submersible pump will not provide a safe stable trench or protect the infrastructure. It has been tried and it fails. Please do not attempt this method.
Online at Title 13 and chapters 26, 28, and 30 contain the information that govern the Wastewater Utility. The Code makes reference to a living document called the "side sewer requirements" sketch. A copy of these drawings are provided by request, or with the purchase of a side sewer permit. There is no cost for the drawing and they may be obtained at the permit center during normal business hours.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater treatment plants remove impurities contained in the waste stream so the treated wastewater can be safely returned to the environment with little or no impact.  Our treatment plant must meet or exceed the discharge standards, conditions and requirements set forth in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit, issued by the State of Washington Department of Ecology, to the Ocean Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant

The treated wastewater leaves the treatment process after it is disinfected and is then stored in a 1.5 million gallon storage lagoon. From the storage lagoon the treated water is discharged into the mouth of Grays Harbor by a valve programmed with the tide schedule, the valve opens one hour after high tide, for a discharge period of four hours with the out-going tide. The valve then closes one hour before the ebb tide and the cycle repeats for each high tide event.

The average daily flow to the Ocean Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant is between 400,000 and 700,000 gallons each day. Each month approximately 15 to 24 million gallons are treated at the plant.  Annually 185 to 220 million gallons of wastewater treated and over 3.7 billion gallons of wastewater have been treated since the plant was upgraded in 1999.

Yes, Bird Watchers may come into the Treatment Plant, but there are some considerations to ensure safety and prevent disruption of the treatment plant operation.

  1. The hours available for bird watching inside the plant fence is; Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. The treatment plant is closed for business on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Bird watching may only be done inside of the plant fence on foot, driving around the compound in private vehicles is not allowed. Please park in the Visitors Parking lot in front of the office at the top of the hill. If it is full there is additional parking just outside of the gate. Please do not block or stop on the roads inside the fence.
  3. Please check in at the office so staff knows you are there. On occasion staff has to leave and the gate will be locked.
  4. The only area for viewing birds inside the fence is around the 3 lagoons (which have asphalt paths around them).

No, wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove medications, residuals from the medications go directly out into the environment. The Ocean Shores Police department has recently added a drop box at the station for disposal of expired or unwanted medications.

Water Treatment & Distribution

The City water pressure typically runs between 65 to 70 psi.
A 3/4" female connection.
Flushing removes sediment buildup from the distribution system and also exercises the fire hydrants to ensure proper operation and identify any maintenance needed. Click here to view the flushing schedule and obtain further information.
Contact the Water Department office for specific constituents or you can view the most current annual water quality report at as well review previous reports here.
The main shut off valve is located in the meter box at the corner of your property, on the house side of the water meter.
It is recommended that you annually drain and flush your hot water heater to remove accumulated sediment. (See instructions for flushing your hot water here).