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As the Chief Executive and Administrator officer of the City, the Mayor is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the city, including the supervision, hiring, and firing of all appointed officers and employees, subject to civil laws. The Mayor also carries out the policies set by the council, seeing that local laws are enforced.

The Mayor, or the Mayor’s designee, may appoint citizens to serve on the city planning commission, the airport development and operating committee, civil service commission, library board of trustees, lodging tax advisory committee, park board, and board of directors of the city radio station, as well as other boards and commissions. Such boards and commissions must be confirmed by a majority of the whole City Council and serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council.

The mayor also has the authority to:

1. Enforce contracts.
2. Bring lawsuits, with Council approval.
3. Preside over Council meetings, exercise tie-breaking authority on some council votes, and exercise right of veto on ordinances.
4. Call special meetings of the Council.
5. Prepare a proposed budget.
6. Report to the Council on the financial and other affairs and needs of the City.
7. Perform as ceremonial head of the City.
8. Approve or disapprove all official bonds and contractor's bonds.
  Vision And Goals:
 Provide accurate descriptions of approved projects and their status. Conduct clear, visual public briefings on the use of revenues.
Improve public relations through a better flow of information.
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Ethical behavior
  • Responsible actions
  • Fairness

Frank Elduen

Term:  2023-2027

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