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The City of Ocean Shores provides essential services to our citizens and is a partner with the community in making the Ocean Shores an enjoyable place to live and work. 

In addition to the links provided to the left here are a few more:

Emergency - Call 911 

Non-emergency Tel:  360-533-8765
Business Tel:  360-289-3331 

Non-emergency Tel:  360-289-3611 

Water System Emergencies
Tel: 360-289-4210 M - F / 8 - 4
Tel: 360-533-8765 Nights & Weekends 

Grays Harbor County Commissioners

Low Income Assistance Programs Resources

Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services  COVID Rent and Utility Assistance Programs

Domestic Violence Center of Grays Harbor 
Resource Card for the Grays Harbor Area:

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