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Fourth of July 2023

Please follow these rules and guidelines to keep the 4th of July safe and happy for all.

Fireworks Area

On the beach from the Damon Rd. approach to the Marine View Dr. approach.
No fireworks are allowed in the city.

Fireworks Hours
July 2 & 3: Noon - 11:00 p.m.
July 4: Noon - 11:59 p.m.

Fireworks Rules
  • At least 100 Ft from dunes, do not aim towards dunes
  • Not allowed on decks or balconies of hotels or residential properties; no fireworks in the city
  • Legal fireworks only; no bottle rocket-type fireworks
Per OSMC 8.12.025 Fireworks—Restricted use.
It is unlawful for any person to use, discharge, ignite or explode any fireworks within the city except on the beach between the Marine View Drive Beach Access and the Damon Beach Approach a minimum of one hundred feet west of the dunes. (Ord. 845 § 3, 2008: Ord. 582 § 1, 1995)
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Violations of fireworks, motor vehicle or other laws can result in citations ranging from $150 to over $1,000.

Beach Driving
  • The beach is a state highway; all licensing, registration and rules of the road apply the same as city streets. 
  • Max speed limit: 25 (less in crowded areas)
  • For additional information on Beach Safety click here
Beach Fires
  • Keep 100 feet from dunes
  • Do not burn driftwood logs
  • Completely extinguish with water
For current information about fires on local beaches, contact Washington State Parks at 360-902-8844. 


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Water Safety
There are no lifeguards or surf rescue on our beaches.

Keeping our beaches clean
In order to ensure that we do not have things washout into the ocean, cleaning up on the 4th is a must.  Check the local tide chart will help.  
The City of Ocean Shores Public Works Department has designated litter bag dump stations at each beach approach.  Garbage bags will be handed out by community volunteers at the beach on the day of the 4th.
Volunteers to clean up
On the 5th of July volunteers will meet at the Shilo beach approach to do clean up at 8:00 am 

In addition to the beach clean up the City of Ocean Shores will have additional help on the 4th to help people to follow DOH guidelines and cleanup. 
•    Police Department will have additional units from various departments including Ocean Shores Police Department staff. 
•    Fire Department will have additional firefighters from various departments including Ocean Shores Fire Department staff. 
•    State Parks will have units on the beach.
•    Grays Harbor Auxiliary Volunteer Emergency Resource Team (AVERT) will have members on the beach. 
•    Public Works employees emptying litter control areas. 

If you see unsafe activity in or around the dune grass please call 911. For non-emergency call 360.533.8765