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A Letter From Mayor Dingler and Police Chief Logan Regarding Face Mask Mandate

Monday, July 6, 2020

logoOcean Shores is not actively taking law enforcement action against a person who refuses to wear a mask. Our stance is, we will continue to educate those who are not wearing masks, to get them to understand the importance of it.

But, if a business is attempting to enforce the Governor’s order, requiring a customer to wear a mask, and it turns into any type of altercation (verbal and/or physical), the Ocean Shores Police Dept. WILL respond to protect that business, its employees and their customers. We will stand behind and support any business that supports the Governor’s order regarding the wearing of masks.Police Department

Though, in most circumstances we will not take enforcement action past education, we can do the following to support the businesses:

  1. Assist managers/employee(s) with asking the customer to leave if they refuse to wear a mask.
  2. Assist them with issuing a trespass notice to anyone refusing to wear a mask, so the person(s) are no longer allowed on the property. If they return they will be arrested for trespassing.
  3. File charges for assault, when appropriate, if the manager/employee(s) wish to pursue charges.

 Beginning tomorrow, the Governor is putting the responsibility on the businesses by requiring the businesses to enforce his order on their customers. If a business does not refuse service to individuals not wearing a mask then citizens can report the business to the Governor’s office via an online form ( That business may then receive a warning by the Governor’s office, and if that business ignores the warning by continuing to allow their customers to not wear masks then they can be sanctioned by the Governor’s office, to include fines, shutting off power/water, and revoking their business license. This is all done through and by the Governor’s office, not local police departments.

Let our Police Department know when you need our help.

Chief of Police Neccie Logan
Mayor Crystal Dingler

osgov pub date 07/06/2020