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City of Ocean Shores Stage 1 Water Emergency - Updated June 25, 2021

Update June 25, 2021

The City received confirmation yesterday (Thursday June 24) that the chemical manufacturer has returned to its full production capacity for chlorine.  Over the next couple weeks the City will stay in touch with its distributor to monitor supply chain stabilization.  Once the supply chain has normalized the City intends to rescind the Stage 1 notice issued June 18.

Update June 24, 2021

The City received a partial shipment of material at the end of the work day on Friday June 18.  This partial shipment increases the City’s on-hand supply to approximately 75-90 days.  The existing Stage 1 Notice will remain in effect until the chemical supplier’s production capability has resumed and the supply chain has stabilized.  The next update is anticipated to be issued the week of June 28, 2021. 


Stage 1 Water Emergency

Ocean Shores, WA – June 17, 2021 – The City will declare a Stage 1 Water Emergency effective on Monday, June 21st.

A Stage 1 Water Emergency is intended to identify an anticipated water shortage.  In this case, a critical chemical supplier for disinfection of drinking water in Ocean Shores has notified customers of an expected inability to meet demand due to manufacturing limitations.  Issuing this notice does not mean that the City will not be able to produce and deliver water, it is intended to raise awareness that if the City consumes the on-hand supply of disinfection material, the Washington State Department of Health will likely require the City to issue a Boil Water Notice, which will change how customers use drinking water. 

The City’s on-hand supply is limited and expected to last for approximately 30 days.  The City of Ocean Shores is asking both residential and commercial customers to be more aware of their water usage as this event unfolds.  City staff has been informed that product manufacturing is expected to resume at the end of June, but staff does not have confirmation of when the next material order will be filled.   

Depending on the usage rate of the on-hand supply and product availability, the City anticipates moving to a Stage 2 Water Emergency near the beginning of July.  A Stage 2 Water Emergency is a serious water shortage and identifies that voluntary reductions in usage is necessary.  It is important to note that as water usage decreases, the on-hand supply will last longer, buying valuable time and potentially staving off a Boil Water requirement.  

At this time, there are no health or safety risks.  The Stage 1 notice is intended to provide information for the general public regarding the immediate benefits of water conservation.  Water conservation tips can be found in the City’s Annual Water Quality Report.  Additional conservation tips may be made by the City as this emergency continues.

For more information regarding this information, please contact Nick Bird at (360) 940-7542.