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Citizen Engagement to Council Revised

November 6, 2020

citizen-engagementCouncil is providing opportunities for public comments, by submitting written comments to the City Clerk's office via email at or submitting the New Public Comment Form no later than 12:00 noon on the day of Council.

If a citizen wishes to speak at the Council Meeting during Public Communication to Council simply fill out New Public Comment Form in order to be placed on the sign-up sheet.

If a citizen wishes to speak on a specific agenda item they may fill out New Public Comment Form and will be called upon during specified time of the meeting.

Citizens that do not fill out a form but wish to make public comment will need to use the "raise hand" feature via Zoom during the agenda item.

Written comments will be distributed to Council on the day of the meeting and will be linked to the agenda on the following business day.

Citizens will receive an email verification and Zoom access information with a disclaimer after submission of New Public Comment Form.

When the public health emergency ends, meetings will return to in-person, open public meetings, with regular procedures in effect.

For questions regarding a request, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (360) 940-7498.

Click the CREATE button to submit comments for a specific Council meeting date and subject. 

Public speaking comments must be submitted using the form below by 12:00 noon on the day of the meeting.  Providing your contact information is optional; however, by providing your contact information staff will be able to follow up on your request. Please note, the meeting minutes will reflect the name listed on this form.

Comments must comply with:

  • Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes.
  • Upon entry please state your name and address for the meeting record.
  • Comments shall always be courteous and respectful. If at any time dialogue does not meet these criteria a citizen will be removed from the meeting.
  • This is not a question and answer time and the council cannot engage in conversation with the public.
  • No person may use the public comment for the purpose of campaign or advertisement.
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