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Press Release

February 5, 2024

In response to concerns raised on social media, the City of Ocean Shores would like to announce to the public that horses will continue to be allowed on the beaches of Ocean Shores and this long-standing tradition will remain in place.

What the City of Ocean Shores has announced is the suspension of the City’s licensing and contracting with horse rental companies for beach rentals. The City's insurer, the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA), recently settled the case of Marcias White v. Adrian Gomez et. Al., in which the City was named as a defendant due to its licensing of horse rentals on the beach. As a result of this settlement and the recommendations of the City Attorney and the Washington State Insurance Authority to suspend the licensing and contacting practice indefinitely. The decision aims to mitigate potential legal risks and financial burdens associated with these businesses operating on the beach.

The existing agreements between State Parks, Grays Harbor County, and any involved parties regarding rental/licensing contracts on the highway 115 beach approach will not be affected by any this.

The City of Ocean Shores remains committed to maintaining the beauty and accessibility of our beaches, while prioritizing the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors. Horse riding on our beaches will continue to remain a part of that long tradition.