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ClearGove Digital Budget Book - LIVE

We are excited to introduce the City of Ocean Shores ClearGov Budget Book in its new interactive digital format! This innovative approach provides a polished and accessible document for residents and stakeholders. Thanks to ClearGov Digital Budget Book, we automate the budget creation process, ensuring a professional and standardized format.

A big shoutout to Assistant Treasurer, Shante Nations, for her outstanding work on the procurement and implementation of the new budget system! Kudos to Shante for her dedication and contribution to improving transparency to the budget processes. 

The ClearGov Digital Budget Book is a groundbreaking solution that automates the majority of the budget book creation process. By utilizing templates and data-driven charts and tables, it ensures a professional and standardized format. This not only meets the criteria for the GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association) award but also enhances clarity, engagement, and understanding for citizens.

One of the key advantages of this digital format is the automatic updating of revenue and expense data. As the numbers change, the Digital Budget Book reflects these updates in real-time. This feature eliminates errors and saves valuable time, especially when last-minute adjustments are necessary. 

The navigation bar allows users to easily locate and access any section of the book which provides a streamlined browsing experience. Additionally, the Print feature enables users to generate printable versions of specific sections or the entire book.

Throughout the Digital Budget Book, dynamic charts and graphics are strategically placed to present financial details in an easy-to-understand visual format. This visual representation enhances comprehension and enables stakeholders to grasp complex information more effectively.

The City of Ocean Shores' adoption of the ClearGov Digital Budget Book demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accessibility. The automatic updating of data, intuitive navigation, and visual representations further enhance the clarity and understanding of the budget information. 

To experience the Digital Budget Book, click the link below: