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Public Service Announcement: School Zones - 20 MPH

Speeding in school zones is a dangerous and puts the lives of children and pedestrians at risk. It is crucial for all drivers to prioritize the safety of those around them, especially in areas where children are present. Here are some important guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of everyone in school zones:

1. Observe and adhere to the posted speed limits: In many school zones, the speed limit is reduced during school hours to ensure the safety of children. It is essential to be aware of and comply with these speed limits. Typically, the speed limit in school zones is 20 miles per hour from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Pay attention to the signage and adjust your speed accordingly.

2. Maintain a safe distance: Tailgating, or driving too closely behind another vehicle, is not only dangerous but also increases the risk of accidents, particularly in school zones. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, allowing enough time to react to any sudden stops or changes in traffic flow.

3. Be patient and avoid aggressive driving: Cutting people off in school parking lots or engaging in aggressive driving behaviors not only endangers others but also sets a poor example for children who observe these actions. Practice patience and respect for other drivers, allowing everyone to navigate the school zones safely.

4. Stay alert and watch for pedestrians: Children can be unpredictable and may dart out into the street without warning. Pay close attention to your surroundings, especially in school zones, and be prepared to stop at a moment's notice. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, crossing guards, and school buses, and always yield the right of way to them.

5. Follow designated drop-off and pick-up procedures: Many schools have specific procedures in place for dropping off and picking up children. Familiarize yourself with these protocols and follow them diligently. This helps maintain a smooth flow of traffic and ensures the safety of all students and parents.

Remember, the safety of children is everyone's responsibility, and by following these guidelines, we can create a safer environment in and around school zones. Let's all do our part to protect our children and promote safe driving practices.