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Ocean Shores Police Department Press Release: SCAM Alert

January 25, 2024

The Ocean Shores Police Department has received recent reports of one of our fine, vulnerable citizens falling victim to a SCAM. The following is a brief description of the circumstances that occurred:

The victim received a phone call from a male who stated that he was with the Bank of the Pacific. This suspect was calling to inform the victim that it appeared their bank account had fraudulent withdrawals/charges in the amount of $20,000. The suspect warned the victim not to call anyone or turn on her computer while they conducted their investigation, because he believed the devices were being monitored/tracked. Then, what the victim believed to be a different male, got on the phone and explained the Federal Reserves had replaced the money in her account due to the fraud, but he was concerned that the bank employees were involved with the fraud. He convinced the victim to make two separate withdrawals for large amounts of money and provide it to a Federal Reserve courier who would arrive at her house to pick up the money.

The courier parked up the street from the victim’s house, during hours of darkness, and wore a hooded sweatshirt. The victim provided the courier with the cash money without question, believing the money would be taken to a secure Federal Reserve holding facility where it would be safe while they conducted the investigation regarding the fraud. This transaction occurred on two separate, back to back days. The entire time, the victim spent several hours on the phone/hold with the suspect(s).

The suspect(s) in this case were very convincing and able to persuade the victim to believe their story.

This is the first time we have encountered a SCAM like this, where the suspect made face to face contact with the victim. We do not believe the suspect(s) are local individuals but rather, they are very willing to travel some distance (possibly 3-4 hrs.) to collect the large amounts of money they are asking from the victims.

Please be aware that at no time will someone from a Bank call you and ask you to withdraw cash money and mail it to them or provide it to an individual person for any reason.

If you receive a call that resembles anything described above, or know anyone that has, please call the non-emergency number 360-533-8765 to report it. Your local police officers are not impressed that these people are so bold as to personally come into our City to victimize our citizens. The officers are willing and ready to get involved, and try to catch these scammers red-handed, if possible.