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December 13, 2021 City Council Meeting Overview

council-overview-Seats_Blue-902x450The City Council held a meeting on Monday, December 13, 2021. The following is an overview of the meeting and achievements of the City Council:

Stormwater Utility Rate Adjustment:

The Council voted with 6 yes votes to approve an increase to the Stormwater Utility Rate. The impacts of this rate adjustment on the average 9,000 square foot lot is an increase of $2.03 per month. This adjustment addresses the existing deficiency in fund 438, provides an operating ending fund balance in accordance with the City Councils financial policy, and stabilizes the Stormwater Utility and flexibility for upcoming improvements.

Budget Amendment #3:

The Council reviewed budget amendment #3 and voted to amend the budget with 6 yes votes to remove the proposed Environmental Specialist designated to help guide the City on creating a Fresh Waterways plan, the position maybe reconsidered in the new year. After amending the budget, the Council voted with 6 yes votes to pass the budget in its entirety. Some of the adjustments are as follows:

  • Fresh Waterways Oyhut Creek Water Flow Project - $200,000
  • City Clerk Records and Archiving Assistant - $46,524
  • Radio Station Power Upgrade/Emergency Broadcast - $24,500
  • Radio Station Computers - $2,000
  • Police Administrative Assistant - $85,883
  • Code Enforcement Full Time - $60,593
  • Code Enforcement Vehicle - $45,000
  • Police Body Cameras - $44,667
  • Assistant Fire Chief - $165,234
  • Firefighter/Paramedic - $115,686
  • Ambulance Rate Study - $30,000
  • Citizens Utility Assistance Program - $50,000
  • Police Boat Repairs - $18,000
  • Abatement Funding - $50,000
  • Wastewater treatment Plant UV Upgrade - $105,000
  • Mechanical Aquatic Weed Harvesting - $45,000

In addition, the council approved to increase the General Fund Ending Balance to $2.5 million.

Washington Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC):

The Council voted with 6 yes votes to approve a request to authorize the Mayor to execute the Resolution Designating Applicant Agents(s). By approving this request, the City Council authorized the Mayor to execute a Resolution for the city to continue the application process for seismically retrofitting our 3-million-gallon steel reservoir located at the Public Works Facility. This reservoir stores water after treatment and distributes it throughout the city and to the remote reservoirs.

Transportation Improvement Board Funding:

The Council voted with 6 yes votes to accept a grant award from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board in amount of $181,700. These funds will be utilized to construct the Mid-Block Crossing on Point Brown Avenue, between Chance al Mer and Shoal Street.

Library Services and Technology Grant:

The Council voted with 6 yes votes to accept the American Rescue Plan Act Grant for the Ocean Shores Library Services and Technology. By accepting this funding, in the amount $7,623 the Ocean Shores Library will be able to provide additional remote services for the community.

Final Thoughts:

The Council chose to cancel the second meeting in December and reconvene regular meetings after the first of the year. I would like to personally thank everyone on the City Council and the citizens for working together to achieve tremendous goals throughout this trying year while continuing to deal with the pandemic impacting so many. Even though we don’t always agree on topics we worked together for the greater good of the community we call home and its future.

I would also like to thank Councilmember Conniry for her contributions to the citizens and council throughout the years. Even though she will not be at the dais in the coming year I look forward to continuing our working relationship as we move the City of Ocean Shores forward.

The Council will have much work to do in the coming year and we will do our best to keep you informed on what we are working on. I appreciate all the thoughts and ideas and I am grateful to part of Ocean Shores.