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City Chat Highlights

City Chat Highlights
Ocean Shores Grants Department
Grants are driven by:
*Current Comprehensive Plan
*Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Facilities Plan
*Transportation Improvement Plan
*State Capital Improvement Plan
*Department needs
*Council action
*Ultimately, Mayoral administration
Historical Grants (Five Year)
*Brought in close to $8m in grant funding over the past five years.
*OSFD Pumper Truck Assistance to Firefighters Grant funding – $487k
*OSFD Power Lift Cots Assistance to Firefighters Grant funding - $179k
*Airport Obstruction Removal Environmental Assessment $305k
Various small projects to include:
*Library support for digital archiving and equipment
*OSPD support for equipment such as a handheld radar unit, bullet proof vests and electronic fingerprinting equipment
*Scotch broom removal
*Summer youth program
Current Major Projects of Note
*High Dune Trail – in collaboration w/ CWCOG and State of WA Leg.
$660k project = $277k CWCOG Transportation Block Grant $137k WA State Dept. of Commerce $246k City Share
*Vertical Evacuation Structure – in collaboration w/ FEMA, WA State EMD and State of WA Leg.
$4.789m project = $3.59m FEMA $490k WA State Dept. of Commerce $707,380 City Share Driven by Safe Haven project, one of the pioneering projects of its kind on the west coast
*Airport Obstruction Removal Design – $212k FAA funded
*New Ambulance – funded by FEMA Assistance to Firefighters
$229k project = $218k AFG $$11k City Share
*Marine View Drive Erosion Study – $150k funded by FEMA Cooperative Technical Partnership
*Point Brown Crosswalk – in collaboration w/ WA State Transportation Improvement Board
$230k project = $181,700 TIB $48,300 City Share
Various small projects to include:
*Records Archiving support for the City Clerk’s office from the WA State SOS
*Bulletproof vests from Dept. of Justice
*Covid-19 support for the fire department PPE, Airport operations, library connectivity
*Storm damage reimbursement from qualifying city costs from FEMA
Matching Requirements
*Some grants may require matching resources.
*Agency ensures that the grantee is committed and invested.
*Can range from 5% to 50%
*Sometimes can utilize “in-kind” services, such as employee time and volunteer hours
*Important to leverage funding from other resources, such as legislative funding and private funders
*Can often use State funds to match federal, but most often, cannot match federal grants to federal grants
Upcoming Projects
*Housing Needs Analysis
*Point Brown Corridor Enhancement
*Sidewalks and mobility
*Coastal Erosion and resiliency grants
*Support for our Police and Fire Departments, to include equipment and staffing
*Airport Obstruction Removal Construction
*Electric Charging Stations
*Capital needs identified through the budgeting process and not included in the approved budget
Public Participation
*Citizens can have an impact on the prioritization of these projects.
*Please correspond with your Council, Planning Commission and attend public meetings.