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Herbicide Treatment Business and Residential Notice

Distribution Date: 7 –11-22

Various canals and waterways within the associated Duck Lake canal system may be treated with aquatic herbicide(s) on/or between July 25 through August 10 to control weed growth. If this timeframe is not possible, then treatment may occur anytime after August 10 through August 30. Targeted treatment weeks are beginning July 25 and August 1. Treatment updates will be posted on our Facebook page. No applications will be applied during the weekend or holiday of any given week that would require swimming or fishing restrictions.

Product(s) planned for use: Diquat, Imazamox, Imazapyr, Triclopyr, Green Clean 5.0.  MSDS Sheets available at the City of Ocean Shores website.

Location of Treatment(s) for Submersed Weed Control: Grand Canal south of the wooden golf course foot bridge to the outlet weir. All canals adjacent to the Grand Canal, all Bell Canals, Lake Minard western shoreline, Marrs Shallows, Oyhut Canal from the Tonquin Ave Bridge to Lake Minard. Parrot feather control: Bell Canals, Wanoona Ave & Sea Breeze Loop SE., Grand Canal Northern Wetland, Grand Canal and other adjacent canals

Plants/Algae Targeted: Pondweeds, elodea, milfoil, coontail, parrot feather, duckweed, azola and other associated free floating species that may produce recreational problems. Shoreline Pennywort is not targeted for control.

The applicator will post signs along the shoreline where possible or attach such to the front door of residences in the treated and potentially affected areas no more than 48 hours prior to treatment. The signs will describe any water use restrictions or advisories.

If you are withdrawing water for potable or domestic water use, livestock watering, or irrigation and have no alternate water source, please contact the applicator Northwest Aquatic Eco-Systems at 360-357-3285 or to arrange an alternate water supply.

If you would like to request additional notification prior to treatment, or have further questions, please contact NWAE using the information above.

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