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August 2021 Fire Hydrants Flushing Schedule

The City of Ocean Shores Water Department will be flushing fire hydrants in the southeast and west central areas of the City in August. Work will be conducted from Cakesosta Street SE to Discovery Avenue SE on August 10th and August 11th and from Ocean Lake Way SW to Taurus Boulevard SW on August 24th and August 25th. It is common for flushing activities to stir up sediment in the water lines surrounding the work areas. We recommend that you do not use hot water during the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM on the days shown above. If you experience discoloration of your water, please run the COLD water tap for a few minutes until it clears. If you must use hot water during flushing operations, we strongly recommend flushing your hot water tank after our operations are complete.

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