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Building Economic Resilience and Social Capital in Ocean Shores, Washington

The economy of Ocean Shores and much of the North Beach region of Washington State is driven by tourism, construction, and a continuing influx of retirees. Innovations over the past 20 years have included the introduction of the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino by the Quinault Indian Nation, development of the Seabrook Coastal Beach Town by a small group of investors, and the general growth of the entrepreneurial service industry. Economic assets include a variety of unique ocean and freshwater locations that attract visitors, new residents, and workers to our communities from around the Northwest. Additionally, significant areas of undeveloped property and broad entrepreneurial and construction capacity helped development. The region has a strong presence of financial institutions, Grays Harbor College, access to state colleges, and the Greater Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Indigenous peoples have a rich history in the region.

Thanks to the cooperation by the City of Ocean Shores, The Nature Conservancy, Tree Ring Consulting and Sea Grant Washington we are able to present you with the inclusive report “Building Economic Resilience and Social Capital in Ocean Shores, Washington” prepared and written by Kevin Decker, PhD in Environmental Sciences and Naomi Korchonoff, a graduate student from Evergreen State College.

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osgov pub date 01/19/2021