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Public Announcement - Areas of beach closed to vehicles

Public Announcement

We have had a major increase in visitors to our beaches this summer, especially when the weather is nice on the weekends. With this increase, we have been having bigger problems with vehicles driving through the closed area. So, here is a reminder to everyone, whether you are a resident, returning visitor or a new visitor:

The beach area between the Chance Ala Mer and the Pacific beach approaches is closed to all vehicle traffic between April 15th and Labor Day.

The signs which are posted, advising of this closure, are the responsibility of Washington State Parks and WSDOT. The Ocean Shores Police Department has been in contact with the WA State Parks Department in reference to the signage and have been advised that the Parks Department is working on it. They hope to get the funds in their 2021 Budget to enable them to get more and better signs for that area.

In the meantime, please do not drive in the closed area. This is a “safe” area when people can enjoy the beach with their families, young and old, without having to worry about the dangers of vehicle traffic passing by.

It is becoming evident that the signs are often blocked by vehicles parking near them, making them difficult to see unless you are really looking for them. A good rule of thumb is to remember that if you approach the beach off Chance Ala Mer, the beach to your left is closed to vehicle traffic. And if you approach the beach off Pacific Ave, the beach to your right is closed to vehicle traffic.


If you have any questions regarding the closed area on the beach, feel free to contact the Ocean Shores Police Department or Washington State Parks.

Also, with the increase of visitors to our beaches, we have had more vehicles getting caught in the tides. If you are planning on parking on the beach, make sure you are aware of the tide tables in conjunction with where you park your vehicle. An important point to make is, please make sure you are looking at the tide tables for Ocean Shores and not the Seattle area, because they are very different tides.

Every year we have people park their vehicle at low tide, unaware that the tide is coming in as they go for a long walk down the beach or they walk to the closed area to spend the day. And when they return to their vehicle they find that it is now in the water. That is bound to ruin anybody’s relaxing beach day at the beach.