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Introducing the Oil Recycling Center in Ocean Shores

Starting from Wednesday, June 5, 2024, the City of Ocean Shores will be launching an oil recycling center. This facility will provide a safe and effective way for residents to dispose of their used motor oil. Here are the details:

Date and Time: The oil recycling center will be open every Wednesday, starting June 5, 2024. The operating hours will be from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Location: The oil recycling center will be located at the public works yard in Ocean Shores. 165 Ocean Lake Way SE, Ocean Shores, WA 98569.

How it Works: Residents can bring their used motor oil to the recycling center during the designated hours. Trained staff will be available to assist with the disposal process and ensure that it is done safely and efficiently.

Environmental Benefits: By recycling used motor oil, we can prevent it from polluting our environment and water sources. Proper disposal of oil is crucial for protecting our natural resources and promoting a cleaner and healthier community.

Other Considerations: Please make sure to bring only used motor oil to the recycling center. Other types of oil or hazardous materials will not be accepted. Additionally, please follow any instructions or guidelines provided by the staff for a smooth recycling process.