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City Chat Highlights - First City Chat

December 8, 2021 City Chat Highlights
Good Morning,

The first City Chat was held on December 8, 2021. Here are a few comments/questions provided by the citizens of Ocean Shores with responses.

South End Fire Stations

  • Currently the Fire Chief is collecting construction, furniture and appliances cost comparatives for the South End Fire Station. Keeping in mind the current construction inflation within the market, the Fire Chief will continue to monitor cost and compare them over a series of options.

Fresh Waterways

  • Ocean Shores is resurrecting a maintenance project for a storm drainage that runs above a sanitary sewer line from SR115 to a discharge into the NE Grand Canal. Phased: vegetation removal, sediment removal and culvert maintenance. The attached expired HPA from 2006 describes a similar work plan for this same area.

LTAC Funding

  • The topic of charging fees for additional money for hotel/motels to use for tourism promotion came up at City Chat. In 2016, Councilmember John Lynn tried to push for a TPA (info is below). This is a consideration for the city to look into with the support of our hotel community.


North Beach School District Programs

  • The city will be working directly with the North Beach School District Superintendent, Andrew Kelly on several projects ideas.

Ocean Shores Street Sweeper

  • The Public Works Department Street Sweeper is still active mostly in the downtown corridor and stays active year-round. As of recently the downtown corridor was cleaned on November 2, 2021 and November 30, 2021 including the bike lanes. On December 7 cleaning efforts were made on the City’s Bridge Decks.

Project Bids – Online

EMS Goals/Fire Department Rate Study

  • The EMS Rate Study Contract is signed and they will be coordinating a data request and project kickoff meeting. This Study will be produce to the City by the end of March 2022 – Beginning of April 2022

Meeting with the Fire Department on Strategic plan

  • The Mayor will be meeting with the Fire Department on staffing and needs of the fire department. Once the rate study is received the City will bring that information to the Citizens to inform the public.

Boards and Committees

  • Board and Committee information can be access in various way. Public postings are done at the Ocean Shores Post office and Ocean Shores Library all agenda, meeting times and locations can be found by utilizing the City Calendars or accessing all document online at the following link:

City Calendar Public Posting

  • The City Calendar is updated prior to the new month beginning and will be posted at the Ocean Shores Post Office and the Ocean Shores Library. This calendar shows all City and Board Meetings which you can find online at the following link:

KOSW/Upcoming City Meetings

  • The City Clerks Office will be working with KOSW Radio to advertise upcoming City and Board Meetings and topics. The City Administrator, City Clerk and Ocean Shores Library will be working together to building a module at the Ocean Shores Library for citizens to learn how to use the City Website and Document Center programs.

Website E-notification

Status of Comprehensive Plan

  • The Comprehensive Plan was review by Council and sent to the Planning Commission for a final review of edits and the additional Public Engagement period. Once the Planning Commission has reviewed the document in its entirety, the final document will be presented to the City Council for approval in early 2022.

Communication between the City Council and the Ocean Shores Boards

  • Boards, Committees and Commissions will be encouraged to join the City during City Chats to let the public know what they are working towards and obstacles they may be facing. The Mayor is currently in conversations with the Board Chairs to how the City can support them better.

City Newsletter

Trucks on Dolphin Ave

  • The City has ordered additional Truck Route signs to be displayed on Point Brown and Ocean Shores Blvd. City vehicles are exempt from the truck route per OSMC 10.36.030 Chapter 10.36 TRUCK ROUTES AND TRUCK SPEED LIMITS (

Use of additional property tax funds to supplement the utility funds

  • Utilities are created to be standalone funds that are meant for Utility Functions. Whereas the General Funds should stay specific to General Government Functions. If the City supplements General Funds for Utilities, in the event the revenue stream goes down for the City’s General Fund the City would find itself in a risky situation as it pertains to operations, staffing and projects for the Utilities.