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City Council approved moving forward with Oyehut Ditch Project

I would like to personally thank the City Council for allowing the City to move forward on the Oyehut Ditch Project.

At the Regular City Council Meeting held on August 22, 2022 the City Council voted unanimously to approve the clearing of the Oyehut Ditch.

Ohehut-Ditch-Project-08.23.2022_500x500I am thankful the City Council listened to the outpour of pleas from the community as well as the recommendations of the City Engineer. This is a significant first step towards the revitalization of our Fresh Waterways.

When I was on City Council, I personally heard from constituents on a daily basis on the need to clear and clean the Ditch, and when I became Mayor, I made Oyehut one of my highest priorities. Working with County Commissioner, Vickie Raines and WSDOT, last night we made it a reality. This is a wonderful achievement for the benefit of our entire community and I look forward to working with the Council on numerous future project together.

Jon Martin