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January 10, 2022 City Council Meeting Overview

council-overview Agenda_Pad-902x450Mayor's Overview Of The City Council Meeting Held On January 10, 2022

The City Council held a meeting on Monday, January 10, 2022. The following is an overview of the meeting and votes of the City Council.

Newly Elected Councilmembers:
The City of Ocean Shores was joined by Grays Harbor County Auditor, Joseph MacLean to commence the Oath of Office to newly elected Councilmembers Eric Noble, Position #1, Lisa Scott Position #5 and Rich Hartman Position #7.

Mayor Pro Tem Nominations:
Councilmember Noble nominated Councilmember Peterson to act as Mayor Pro Tem which received a second. The Council voted with 6 yes votes on appointing Bob Peterson. Mr. Peterson was given an Oath of Office by the City Clerk.

Planning Commission Appointment:
The City Council gave unanimous consensus for the appointment of Gary Pease to the Planning Commission. Given Mr. Pease extensive background Myself and Planning Commission Chair, Dan Bricker believe he will be a great asset to the Planning Commission.

FEMA Public Assistance Grant Award:
The Council voted with 6 yes votes to approve the FEMA Public Assistance Award. The city had expenditure amounts of $34,036.66 in total eligible costs due to impacts of storm damages in 2020. The Grant Award reimbursed the City $25,932.70 with no matching fund costs. As a result of this Grant Award the City only incurred costs of $8,103.96 due to 2020 storm damages.

Purchase of IT Equipment:
The Council voted with 6 yes votes to approve additional IT equipment, the City’s IT backup system was running out of capacity and its firewall hadn’t been replaced since January 2017. The total expenditure costs were $152, 278.70 which included $56,950.57 ($52,200.34 per quote plus 9.1% sales tax) for the backup expansion through FedResults, Inc. and $95,328.13 ($87,376.84 per quote plus 9.1% sales tax) for the firewall through Tricade. Both quotes are on a federal contract that local governments can utilize through cooperative purchasing.

Fire Break Clearing Project/Mitigation Credit Purchase:
The Council voted with 4 yes votes and 2 no votes to award the Fire Break Clearing Project Contract and Authorize a Weatherwax Wetland and Habitat Bank Mitigation Purchase. This request awards the clearing work for the entire project. The current work will address approximately 7.5 acres including maintenance cutting of 2021 areas. The bid package was distributed to the small works roster, advertised in the Daily World and posted on BXWA. The Mitigation Credits Purchase requested compensates for 1.5 acres of wetland and 3.47 acres of wetland-buffer impacted by the work to a total of $92,241.57. The permits acquired will cover future maintenance clearing during subsequent budget cycles.

Water System Plan Project Authorization:
The Council voted with 6 yes votes to approve $250,000 out of fund 434 to be allocated for the City to obtain an updated Water System Plan to be approved by the Department of Health which is a statutory requirement. In review of the ending fund balance of Budget Amendment #3 the fund will still be meeting its target ending balance per the City’s financial policy.

Ocean Shores Comprehensive Plan:
The Council voted with 6 yes votes to bring the Ocean Shores Comprehensive Plan to the next regularly scheduled City Council Meeting as a Resolution for approval.

Council Retreat:
The City Council will hold a Council Retreat in early to mid-February 2022. Mayor Pro Tem, Bob Peterson assigned Councilmembers Noble, Scott and Hartman to obtain topics from the remaining City Councilmembers to create an agenda.