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Ocean Shores Beautification Committee

ShiloParkOn Wednesday April 6, 2022 the Ocean Shores beatification Committee held a meeting led by Jim Hummer, with citizens of Ocean Shores. The following is a review of the efforts that the beautification Committee has established in the last year along with information on future projects.

The Mission of the Beautification Committee is to work, plan and suggest beautification of the City of Ocean Shores. To make plans and suggestions to the City on what projects may uplift the beatification throughout the community.

In 2021 the Beautification Committee focused on the Ocean Shores Gates which began with removal of weeds and overgrowth. Sharon Hummer revitalized the iconic Ocean Shores sign by repainting it while matching the colors of the original sign. In addition, the Beautification volunteers planted new deer resistant plants that will come to the surface annually, laid bark, and consistently watered the location.

The Beautification committee also worked tirelessly during holiday events such as Halloween, 4th of July and Christmas. The biggest and most influential event, which gained notoriety in the local newspapers was the Veterans Day Dedication.

The City commissioned Ocean Shores local, Judy Horn to design the mural on the Convention Center Building and Aberdeen Artist Doug Orr to paint it. The Fire Department established the “Adopt-a-Hydrant” program which included citizen participation on painting the Fire Hydrants throughout the City. The Ocean Shores Convention Center Manager commissioned the “Recycle Fish” to be placed at the Chance Beach approach.

The Beautification plans for the 2022 calendar year is to again focus on the City Gates Project, decorating for Holidays and the biggest of projects being the Shilo Garden. The Shilo Garden Project began in 2018 with a group of volunteers placing different plants and artwork throughout the median on Ocean Shores Blvd. In the years since the Shilo Garden has gone unmaintained creating weeds, overgrowth, and the lack of a central design plan.

Since the Meeting the City of Ocean Shores provided the Beautification Committee with drone footage which was shared on the Beautification Committee’s social media page at Ocean Shores Beautification Group | Facebook. The reason behind the drone footage was to establish a path forward on the project by giving an overview of the park in its current state.

In weeks past with the direction of citizen input and Mr. Hummers direction the City’s Street Department has begun to excavate the location, which will give the Beautification Committee the option to start its project design fresh.

The Beautification Committee plans to meet quarterly with citizens and volunteers to give project updates and relations with the City as it pertains to amenities at Shilo Park and on the High Dunes Trail.

We are beyond grateful for this groups involvement in beautifying our community, if you would like to volunteer or give input, please contact Jim Hummer at There will be a work party on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.

In addition, the Ocean Shores Beautification Committee will hold a meeting on Wednesday June 29, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. at the Ocean Shores Library Meeting Room.