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In Memory of Ken Peterson

It is with great sadness that to inform the citizen of the passing of Mr. Ken Peterson. 
Ken Peterson 551x235Ken was born on May 10, 1936, and he was his mother’s first child, born on Mother’s Day!

Ken was a pivotal part of the Ocean Shores community, dedicating a vast amount of time and effort to the Ocean Shores Community Club as a Board Member and Treasurer.

He was 85 when he died on March 14. Having had a stroke on June 14 and had been ill since then.

Ken and his family moved to Ocean Shores in 1999, and he served on the community club board for approximately 15 years. During that time, he focused on improving the facilities. Being experienced in construction, he laid a lot of the tile work in the Community Club building. He also brought in a company that put in a sound deadening texture on the halls and pool area walls. He wanted the family members to watch their children swim to make sure they were okay and enjoy the experience more.

He was instrumental in the improvement of the Community Club parks. He felt the parks should be used by all ages and everyone, not just Community Club members, so he focused on making sure the parks had equipment and areas that appealed to all age groups. He was particularly proud of that work when COVID happened; our parks could provide safe and fun ways for families to gather and play outside when so many places and activities were closed to COVID.

Ken was an influential figure to the city, and our residents and visitors benefit from a legacy of his work. With that, Ken was also overwhelmingly dedicated to providing places for families and friends to gather and grow together as a community. He will be greatly missed and forever remembered.

Jon Martin
Ocean Shores Mayor