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February 14, 2022 City Council Meeting Overview

council-overview-Agenda-902x450The City Council held a meeting on Monday, February 14, 2022. The following is an overview of the meeting and votes of the City Council:


The City Council gave unanimous consensus to reappoint Steve Borba and Phyliss Brown to the Fresh Waterways Advisory Board and to appoint David Bunch and Thomas Garner to the Radio Board.

The City Council voted with 5 yes votes, 1 abstention and 1 no votes to appoint Thorn Ward to the Planning Commission

Staff Report:

Grant Coordinator, Sarah Bisson gave the following overview of the American Rescue Plan Act Funding awarded to the City of Ocean Shores:

City Allocation – Non-Entitlement Unit (fund funneled through the State, did not come directly from Treasury)
1st Tranche = $906,393 – June 2021
2nd Tranche = $906,393 – anticipated in June 2022

Deadline to expend: Obligated by December 31, 2024

Allowable costs include:

    1. Response to Public Health & Economic Impacts of Covid-19(to include assistance to households, businesses, non-profits and impacted industries)
    2. Premium Pay
    3. Water & Sewer Infrastructure
    4. Broadband Infrastructure
  • Important to remember: Funding should be proportionate to the negative impact faced by non-profits and business, should assistance be made available.
  • To Date: $50k allocated to assist with those in need to CCAP office for City utilities.
  • Training on the funds eligible uses can be found at the link provided to Council and herein on the agenda.
  • Forms have been sent out to Council and Boards for requests and questions about funding. These are due back to me by February 28th, 2022.
  • This will provide time to compile requests into one cohesive list and research appropriate and accurate responses to each question prior to a future study session.

This is separate from the Biden Infrastructure Law. WA State is expected to receive approx. $8.6B, to be allocated to individual Departments and made into grants where applicable.

 Fire Chief, Mike Thuirer gave a presentation on the of the South End Fire Station update, which is as follows:

In 2004 City of Ocean Shores constructed a fire station with an apparatus bay to house 1 fire engine and 1 ambulance.  The current building has 1 bathroom and 1 utility room only. With the updated south end Fire Station, the ISO rating for the south end of town will drop to a rating of 4 which will cut response times  from over 10 minutes to 5 minutes or less. The current update would afford staff with living quarters and cooking facilities.

In 2019 The Fire Department requested the council to earmark funds for the 2020-2021 biennium budget for the addition to update the living quarters and cooking facilities to the South End Fire Station.

The City of Ocean Shores enlisted Grays Harbor Architect, Alan Gozart to create a cost comparable study while keeping in mind the need for the Fire Station to meet required WAC 296.305.06501 as well as WAC 296.305.06519.

The Fire Chief also mentioned the structure needs to be attached to the existing building for the safety of Firefighters response to calls. In addition, the Fire Chief recommend that the structure be solid structure that will sustain weather and natural disasters and will last for the next 40 to 50 years.

The full cost comparable study is available within the respective agenda.

Mayors Report:

I outlined the City’s position to the community in response to the complaints filed by the Fire Department IAFF 2109 Union that an assistant fire chief is needed with the credentials depicted on the job description. I felt it was important to let the citizens know my thoughts and concerns as they pertained to the complaints filed by the Union. I continue to support the increase of staffing levels and the South End Fire Station update.

Click the following link to read my entire statement on the matter:
City of Ocean Shores receives complaints submitted by Ocean Shores Professional Fire Fighters Local 2109 Union IAFF 2109 and IAFF 2109 Union President Corey Kuhl (

Resolution No. 817 Sole Source Purchase UV Lamps

The City Council unanimously voted to approve a Resolution for a sole source purchase an additional rack of lamps for the UV Disinfection system at the Wastewater Treatment Plan from Trojan UV. The expenditure amount was for $99,403.06 of which there was an amount of $105,000.00 budgeted therefore no budget amendment was required. The expansion of the UV lamp rack to its full capacity is necessary to meet regulatory disinfection requirements. The existing system installed in 1999 was scalable with space for future expansion. The existing UV system is proprietary, and this purchase is factory direct to the original manufacturer Trojan UV for compatible OEM parts unavailable from other sources.

Resolution No. 818 Sole Source Purchase John Deere Alamo Dipper Assembly

The City Council unanimously voted to approve a Resolution for a sole source purchase of a John Deere Alamo Dipper Assembly. The expenditure amount was for $19,702.91 which was not budgeted and will require a budget amendment to the equipment reserve fund

On August 23, 2021, the dipper assembly for the John Deere side mount mower was damaged.  The square steel tubing extension guide broke allowing the unit to rotate and eliminates control of the unit rendering the unit unusable. This failure was likely a combination of vibration in the assembly and plowing.  Equipment Maintenance coordinated with John Deere and Alamo. Replacement of the entire boom assembly can be purchased through a State Contract for approximately $60,000, however we do not feel that the entire boom assembly needs to be replaced. The recommendation received from the supplier is to replace just the dipper assembly and avoid repairing the unit due to the probability of future failures. The entire package is manufactured and supplied by Alamo.

Request Indigent Defense Contract

The City Council unanimously voted to approve a Request to renew the Indigent Defense Contract at a new monthly rate with Douglas Bitar as the City’s public defender. The expenditure amount for 2021 and 2022 with increase is $102,050.00 and the amount budgeted is $96,000.00. Therefore, a budget amendment of $6,050.00 will be required to General Fund (Legal)

Mr. Bitar has served as the City's Primary Indigent Defense Attorney for 30 years. Mr. Bitar's latest contract expired in 2019 and he has not received an raise since 2015. Although Mr. Bitar's contract expired, he has still been providing services to the City at a monthly rate of $4,000.00.  With an increase in Mr. Bitar's caseload and no raise since 2015, we request the monthly payment amount be increased to $4,550.00 as of February 1, 2022 and his contract be renewed through December 31, 2023.

Communal Outdoor Dining Discussion:

The City Council discussed the recommendation provided by the Planning Commission as it pertains to Communal Outdoor Dining. I felt that it was important to notate that I have City Staff reviewing, the required changes in the event that communal outdoor dining was added to the City Code.