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City Chat Highlights - City of Ocean Shores Planner

At the February 2, 2022 City Chat, the City of Ocean Shores Planner, Marshall Read gave statistic and information relating to the Planning Department in Ocean Shores.

Planning Department Statistics:
Clearing Permits 2021
New Home – 217
RV – 155
Danger Tree – 46
Access – 23
Landscaping – 3
Tree & Brush Removal – 7
Other – 11

Danger Tree - fear of falling on a home or vehicle. It is at risk of causing significant damage to property, life, health, or safety.

Significant Tree – Significant trees, which shall mean existing trees over eight inches in caliper (excluding alders and cottonwoods) as measured four feet above grade, shall be retained as follows:

All significant trees located within areas designated for retention in a natural state which are not dead, dying, diseased, and do not pose a significant safety hazard shall be retained.

At least ten percent by number of the significant trees on the subject property shall be retained. The city may approve modifications or require minor site plan alterations to achieve tree retention in compliance with this requirement. Where the location of the existing significant trees interferes with reasonable placement of the primary use structure, a landscaping plan may provide for the retention of fewer significant trees than required by this section only if the trees to be removed are replaced at a ratio of three to one.

There is a 3 to 1 replanting requirement. If they remove one – they must replant 3 in its place.

Boundary Line Operations:
Boundary Line Revision – 22
Boundary Line Undo – 4
Short Subdivision – 4

Boundary Line Revision - the boundary lines between any lots, tracts or parcels may be adjusted or revised including the combination of two or more lots into a single lot, so long as the revision does not create any additional lot, tract, parcel or division nor create any lot, tract, parcel, site or division which contains insufficient area and dimension to meet minimum requirements for a building site.

Conditional Use Permits – 5
SEPA - 59
Rezone – 1
Variance – 1

Conditional Use - means a use listed among those classified in any given zone but permitted to locate only after review by the hearing examiner and the granting of a conditional use permit imposing such performance standards as are contained in the title to make the conditional use compatible with other permitted uses in the same vicinity and zone.


Nonconforming use - means a use which was lawfully established and maintained but which, because of the application of this title, no longer conforms to the use regulations of the zone in which it is located as defined by this title.

Prohibited Use - all uses not specifically listed as permitted or conditional uses in this district are prohibited uses; provided, that the city planner may determine that a proposed use is substantially similar to a listed permitted use and authorizes the use in accordance with Section 17.06.050; provided further, that uses similar to listed conditional uses may be processed for consideration by the hearing examiner pursuant to Section 17.06.060.

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