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City Chat Highlights -  City of Ocean Shores Street Department

At the February 2, 2022 City Chat, City of Ocean Shores Street Department Lead, John Wagner went over several topics/duties pertaining to the Ocean Shores Street Department.

3900 ft. runway x 2
3900 ft. taxiway x 2

Weed eating:
Runway markers, windsock area markers, runway and information signage, chain link fence.
Building maintenance, ditching, 1 garbage can.


Emerson Park:
Mowing, Sprinkler maintenance, Tennis Courts X 2, weed eating, 1 garbage can

Chinook Park:
Mowing, Sprinkler maintenance, weed eating, playground equipment, swing set, basketball court, wind breaks w/ picnic table x 2, fishing shelter, boat dock, fishing dock, boat launch, parking area, 4 garbage cans.

North Bay Park:
Mowing, Sprinkler maintenance, weed eating, playground equipment, swing set, basketball court, cook shed lighting, cook shed maintenance, soccer field / baseball field, dugouts, backstop, bleachers, bathroom facility, boat launch, boat dock, fishing dock, parking area x 2, 6 picnic tables, 7 garbage cans.

Lions Club Park:
Building maintenance, mowing, weed eating, playground equipment, swing set, 1 garbage can.

North end Grand Canal Park:
Mowing, weed eating, 2 picnic tables, 1 garbage can

South reservoir Park:
Parking lot maintenance, Boat ramp, Fishing dock, 1 garbage can

South end Grand Canal Park:
Mowing, weed eating, wooden walkway, fishing dock, outfall flood gates, vegetation control around weir, debris removal inside weir.

Skate Park:
Concrete maintenance, structure maintenance, graffiti removal, 2 garbage cans.

Damon Point:
Dog bag station, parking areas on both sides of Marine View Drive, mowing, 3 garbage cans.

Texmar Park:
Parking area, wind shelter, 1 picnic table, hand launch boat ramp, vegetation control, 1 garbage can.

Garbage Collection:
18 total stops
44 garbage cans total
4 recycle cans
Garbage is 7 days a week May 1 thru September 30 and minimum 3 days a week the rest of the time including 1 weekend ½ day.

Beach Access:
W Chance ala Mer (Shilo) Approach:
Grading, Signage, concrete path maintenance, sand removal, 10 garbage cans, 4 recycle cans

Pacific Blvd Approach:
Grading, Signage, sand removal, 1 garbage can

Ocean Lake Way Approach:
Grading, Signage, sand removal, 1 garbage can

Taurus Blvd Approach:
Grading, Signage, sand removal, 1 garbage can

Butter clam St Approach:
Parking lot maintenance, Signage, 1 garbage can

Marine View Drive Approach:
Parking lot maintenance, Signage

Driftwood St Approach:
Parking area maintenance, Signage

Emerald Surf Approach:
Parking area maintenance, Signage

Jetty Access Approach:
Grading Parking lot, Cleaning and striping parking lot, Signage, Maintaining beach access

Dog Pot Stations:
7 total checked Monday and Friday every week.
Damon Point, W Chance ala Mer, North Bay Park, Gunderson Park, Weatherwax property entrances (3)

Bridge Maintenance:
9 total 4 wooden and 5 concrete
(W) E Chance ala Mer, Albatross St, Overlake St, Mt Olympus Ave
Vegetation control, Sidewalk, and handrail maintenance. Car counters are check every Monday morning.
(C) Point Brown Ave, Ocean Lake Way St, South Razor Clam St, Tonquin Ave, Bass Ave
Vegetation control. No car counters located on the concrete bridges.

1259 Individual Posts
2295 Total Signs

City Entrance & Rock Walls:
Pressure wash annually, Maintain Signage, Lighting Mowing and weed eating, clean edge and paint white curbing annually.
Fountain lighting, cleaning, and maintain water level, Flagpole lighting, Sprinkler maintenance in center medians, car counters checked every day and also at Short Cuddy Ave.

200 Miles approx. of residential right of way.

Storm Drain:
Maintain 150 Miles approx. of open ditch, driveway culvert cleaning, vegetation control, catch basin maintenance 50 +, Removal of beaver related obstructions.

Public Surplus:
Organize, Arrange sale, complete sale, paperwork including money distribution to Departments, Arrange pick up with winning bidders.

Weatherwax Property:
Install and maintain signage, trail maintenance when work is too much for volunteers.

Building Maintenance:
Light bulbs, Moving furniture, surplus items, Minor repairs to Bathroom fixtures, doors, and building, mowing and weed eating, 1 garbage can.

Provide City Logo bags for sale, mowing, weed eating, disposal fluorescent lighting, 1 garbage can, Dog Kennel lighting, mowing, weed eating building maintenance, garbage removal, 2 garbage cans.

Convention Center:
Provide City Logo bags for sale, misc. building maintenance, 7 garbage cans, special events

Building Dept., Utility billing, City hall James building:
Minor building maintenance, bathroom fixtures, doors, lighting office set up tear down, furniture moving, surplus, storage lockers, shredding. Parking lot striping and maintenance, curbing, pressure washing buildings, weed eating and vegetation control. 1 garbage can

Coastal interpretive Center:
Minor building maintenance, Trail maintenance

Special Events:
Flag Day Parade:
Set up and take down bleachers and extra garbage cans in center median, Set up and take down all necessary traffic control devices to provide safe set up and operation of the parade.

Sand and Sawdust Festival:
Set up and teardown bleachers and extra garbage cans, Supply sand to places around town for sand sculptures provide water when needed for the places around town for the sand sculptures, Clean up sand from sculptures after event, Arrange for arrival and storage of wood before event, deliver wood to Convention Center before event, move wood around Convention Center for the carvers, move carvings to auction area, load auction items when needed to buyers vehicles, remove wood debris collected during event, sweep parking lot after event, Garbage removal during event.

4th of July Weekend:
Order, receive and distribute garbage bags for hand out by volunteers on the beach approaches, order dumpsters for beach access roads, set up litter collection areas on beach access roads, tear down litter collection areas, clean up garbage left in litter collection areas, provide beach access into dune area for OSFD, provide sani cans for beach access roads and for OSFD, provide truck and trailer for OSFD bull dozer transportation, provide 3 to 4 extra 4 X 4 vehicles for OSFD beach patrols.

Fishing Derby:
Provide Extra garbage cans for event, provide cones and barricades, fill kids fishing tank.

City wide clean up:
Provide signage at North Bay Park along with cones and barricades, pick up collected litter at the end of each day.

Motorcycle weekend:
Set up and tear down bleachers, jersey barriers for road closure on W Chance ala Mer and extra garbage cans, Traffic control for drill teams and stunt bikes, garbage collection for the weekend.

Street Lighting:
Maintenance of 36 individual streetlights located in the roundabout and W Chance ala Mer downtown corridor.

Street Sweeping:
Maintenance of 27.5 miles of bike lanes, downtown curbing, and right of way located within the City.

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