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Public Works
Frequently Called Numbers

Sewer Emergencies
Water Emergencies
Broken Pipe/Flooding
Call 360.289.2754 during business hours or 360.533.8765 after business hours,, weekends or holidays.
Or call 9-1-1 and Police will be dispatched. They will call in Public Works personnel to help.

Public Works Director, Nickolas Bird
Email:  nbird@osgov.com

Building Official, Michael McGivney
Email:  mmgivney@osgov.com
Tel:  360-289-____

Engineering, Karla Roberts
Email:  kroberts@osgov.com
Tel:  (360) 289-____

Parks Reservations, Nettie Wagner
Email:  nwagner@osgov.com
Tel:  (360) 289-

Permits, Nettie Wagner
Email:  nwagner@osgov.com
Tel:  (360) 289-

Planning, Alicia Bridges
Email:  abridges@osgov.com
Tel:  (360)

Municipal Airport, Karla Roberts
Email:  kroberts@osgov.com
Tel:  (360) 289-____

Reports and more

2012 Water Efficiency Report

2013 Water Quality Report

2012 Water Quality Report

gis mapping now online
2015 Annual Water Quality Report. See attached.

Engineering Department

Mission Statement
The City of Ocean Shores Engineering Department shall serve the Public by providing, implementing and executing solutions to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

Provide excellent customer service.
Identify and implement necessary and needed public projects.
Contribute to City projects by oversight, management and effective stewardship of public funds.
Produce highly accurate and professional information for use by the Public, City Departments and other entities.
The following include some of the projects the Engineering Department is currently working on:

GIS - Routine updates. Internet mapping, map sales, special orders/projects, orthophotos update, analysis and data requests from other City Departments, and miscellaneous drafting projects. Our Interactive GIS Mapping system is now ONLINE

Stormwater Best Management Practices - Reviewing SWBMP manual to monitor our stormwater practices.

Bridge Inspection - Currently working with GH County and WA State Bridge Inspectors on Ocean Shores Bridge inspections.

Ocean Lake Way, Bass Ave, Pt. Brown Bridges - WA State is project administrator for these bridges. The Engineering Department is project coordinator and point of contact with the City for anything that falls outside of the State responsibilities.

Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management - Designing a cost-effective and environmentally sound aquatic plant management program. The range of aquatic-plant control methods (physical, mechanical, chemical, biological) vary widely in cost, effectiveness and environmental impacts. Development of a plan uses an approach based on integrated management of plants that considers such concerns as:

How bad is the aquatic plant problem?
At what level will plants become harmful and when should action be taken to control them?
When is the best time of year to kill, remove, or suppress the nuisance plant species?
What methods will best deal with the target species and for how long?
How will the treatment affect humans, native plants and wildlife?
Are the costs reasonable and affordable?
Wave Bumper and Geotube - Implement the surveys, monitor accretion and erosion, and submit reports to DOE showing quarterly comparisons.

Pavement Management Systems (PMS) - The goal is to provide best possible pavement network for available funds. Strategies to include acquiring information and monitoring the following:

West Nile Virus - Working with Grays Harbor County on West Nile Virus updates, keeping City aware of status and attending informational workshops.

STIP - Attend the STIP (six year transportation plan) meetings and point of contact to Grays Harbor Council of Governments.

Misc. Projects - Continue to monitor and manage miscellaneous projects such as: graphic art work and misc. signage, grant writing, and other technical requests.

Street Department

The Ocean Shores Street Department is comprised of three (3) full time employees. John Wagner is the Crew Chief.

The crew is responsible for maintaining 110 miles of roads. They empty 68 individual garbage cans 2-3 times a week in the winter, and 2-3 times per day in the busy spring and summer season. The crew is in charge of maintaining almost 1000 street signs, the municipal airport, all of the City parks including the 2 soccer fields, a baseball field, 2 basketball courts, 3 tennis courts, 2 boat launches, and 4 docks.

Your street department also provides help in many different forms like assembling and moving office furniture, parking lot and grounds maintenance, etc. for the Ocean Shores Library, City Hall, and Permit Center. We are always there to lend a hand if needed.

We pick up and deliver all of the necessary traffic control devices to our local Police Department for the Flag Day Parade, Dugans Run, and Harley Weekend. We have also become a big part of the Sand and Sawdust Festival that happens every year in Ocean Shores. Our crew provides the sand for the giant sand sculpture in front of the convention center along with preping all of the sand castle sights on the beach. Members of our crew unload and place all of the logs to the proper location so the chainsaw carvers can have everything just the way they want it before they do there magic. These days often start as early as 4:30 AM and end in the early evening. When the weekend is through we help however we can to clean up the mess.

Spring Clean up. It is a week long event that keeps the crew hopping. Last year we made 75 home pick-ups for disabled citizens and had a total of 667 individual vehicles come into the yard and dump there unwanted items. We used a total of 22 40-yard dumpsters for a total of 221,500 lbs of refuse. The O.S. Street Department gave 130 bicycles to the Stafford Creek Penitentiary to fix up and give to kids that can't afford bikes of there own, and they recycled more that 200 old appliances. These things could have been sent to the landfill at the taxpayers expense but instead were taken away at no coast. In 2006 we hope to do much more recycling during our clean up to try to keep the amount that goes to the landfill down, and that saves everybody in the community money.

In 2005 the Street Department:

Emptied 7,080 garbage cans
Fixed 290 different sign issues
Filled 4,874 POTHOLES
Answered 105 citizen inquires
Cleaned 2.5 miles of ditch
Installed 1,842 ft of culvert
Placed 11 catch basins
Picked up 37 deer, 29 possum, 6 raccoons, 10 seagulls, 5 cats, 3 beaver, 2 crows, 2 rabbits, 1 owl, a sand hill crane, and buried one elephant seal on the beach.
Our seasonal staff which varies from 2-4 employees are responsible for mowing over 200 miles of city right of way. They also mow all of the City owned parks on average of about every 7 to 10 days. We also try to do a garbage sweep through town every Friday afternoon in the spring and summer so that the City looks it's best when people show up for the weekends.

Our shop Mechanic is responsible for maintaining all of the City's Police and Fire Department vehicles, all of the Public Works wheeled vehicles, generators, construction equipment and miscellaneous small tools. That's close to 100 pieces of equipment.

2007-1 Street LID information
Resolution 560 - 2007-1 Street LID 
Frequently Asked Questions
Pavement Management Systems - Pavement Restoration 
Questions Received at the Street LID Public Hearing
Monday, March 5, 2007

City of Ocean Shores - 2007 Comprehensive Plan Update
Public Hearing Draft - September 2007
Community Profile  Land Use Element  Transportation Element 
Final Responsiveness Summary Comp Plan 

1998 Comprehensive Plan
(16.9 MB)  2007-2011 Capital Improvement Plan 

To report water emergencies please call 360-289-2754 during normal business hours Monday through Friday. On weekends and Holidays please call 360-533-8765 (Grays Harbor E911 center) and Police will be dispatched.

07/21/2006: Our Interactive GIS Mapping system in ONLINE

05/16/2006: The Enforcement area is now live

04/01/2006: The Engineering Department page is live

03/10/2006: Department Organization Chart added to Director's page

03/06/2006: The Sewer Department has a few images of employees in action

02/08/2006: The Street Department page is live

Streets Department

Mowing & Week Control
Routine Maintenance
Trash & Debris Pickup
Preventive Maintenance
Recurring maintenance
Pavement condition surveys
Pavement structure

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