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Code Enforcement - Animal Control


The Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) is responsible for enforcement of a variety of State and Municipal laws that are generally not handled by other law enforcement officers.

One of the primary duties of the CEO in Ocean Shores is the enforcement of camping regulations. She makes sure that campers have the proper camping permit, that they do not use more than the 90 days allowed per calendar year, and that they comply with regulations on sanitation and setbacks from property lines.

The CEO also enforces the City’s regulations regarding Transient Nightly Rentals (houses in residential neighborhoods being rented on a less-than-monthly basis).

Another set of regulations handled primarily by the CEO is nuisance properties (places with junk cars, overgrown yards, piles of garbage, etc.). The CEO works with the property owners to get these properties cleaned up and maintained in an acceptable manner.

The CEO enforces city ordinances regarding temporary signs, such as real estate signs and garage sale signs. She makes sure that the signs are properly posted, placed in allowable locations, are not attached to utility poles or city sign posts, and are removed promptly when they have served their purpose.

The CEO is also responsible for animal control in the City of Ocean Shores. She enforces the leash and licensing laws, and will investigate cases of aggressive animals. The City maintains an Animal Impound Facility, and the CEO oversees a group of volunteers who care for the animals that are impounded.

To make a code enforcement complaint call 360-533-8765.

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