civil service commission

The Civil Service Commission selects, appoints, and employs members of the Public Safety Department - i.e. Police and Fire Departments.


Street Address

The Civil Service Commission meets as necessary and at the descretion of the Chief examiner

  • Secretary / chief examiner:
    William S. Miller

    1476 Ocean Crest Avenue SW
    Ocean Shores, WA 98569

  • the civil service commission

    The Commission shall have up to five (5) members appointed by the Mayor. Terms are six (6) years. Three (3) year city residency required. Duties are to select, appoint, and employ personnel for the Police and Fire Departments as set forth in OSMC Chapter 2.52. Meets as necessary.

  • Vacancies and How to Apply

    • For vacancies call the City Clerk's office at 289.3099 ext.103 or 289.2488 ext.100
    • To apply complete the application form for City Boards and Commissions, available on-line or at City Hall.
      • Please send the signed application to the City Clerk's Office.
        City of Ocean Shores
        P O Box 909
        Ocean Shores, WA 98569
      • Click HERE for an Application to join this committee